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15 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas

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Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.19.11 PMOh, Laundry. Is there any more love/hate relationship than with laundry? To give you fresh motivation for the fluff and fold, we’ve curated 15 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas.

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1.Designate your laundry area. Whether you’re blessed with a full laundry room or are currently only able to turn a tiny corner into your personal wash-and-fold, make sure there is a specific laundry area in your home. This will keep piles of clothing, detergent, and supplies all in one spot.

2. Sort before you start. Everyone gets their own hamper, or utilize one combined dirty clothes drop spot for littles, thus keeping each family member’s laundry separate, easy for washing, folding, and delivering to each respective bedroom.

3. Set your schedule. Try to do laundry the same time every week so you won’t procrastinate or forget. If you’re in a season of life where laundry is plentiful, decide what time of day you’ll be washing and drying so you never find yourself up to your elbows in dirty socks at midnight.

4. Brighten up. Allow lots of natural light to flow freely into your laundry room, open windows for fresh air, and

5. Multitask your heart out. Perhaps you’d love to combine your laundry area with your mudroom. Maybe your pet-loving heart wants to install a custom dog bath section. Get truly wild and seamlessly design your laundry room within your walk-in closet. Need a professional for this? We’ve got you covered.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.14.50 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.15.17 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.15.52 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.16.47 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.17.16 PM6. Get a label maker. Label every drawer, shelf, and basket so you can efficiently move throughout your space without wasting a moment.

7. Speaking of organizing, ensure that each item has a place. Fold up your ironing board, store clothing items needing to be pressed on hangers in a cabinet, and tuck away hampers underneath cabinets. Walking into an organized room while keep your stress levels down (until you see the grass stains awaiting you, that is).

8. Color code. Choose brightly colored laundry baskets, lint rollers, storage boxes, and more. Find hues that make you happy so you want to use each item and enjoy seeing it.

9. Have fun. Yep, we said it. Have fun doing laundry! Use portable speakers to sing along with favorite tunes or play the podcast you’re hooked on. Make a delicious cup of coffee or pick up Starbucks before you start sorting. Call a friend for a weekly laundry phone date. Find ways to make this never-ending chore an enjoyable treat.

10. Think Vertical. Add vertical open shelving, upper cabinets, or higher up hooks. Keep a designated fold-able step stool within reach.

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11. Practice gratitude. Every time you really, really don’t want to do laundry, or are convinced the piles will never lessen, take a moment to feel grateful for having a laundry room. Give thanks for your very own washing machine and dryer, for not having to lug laundry to a laundromat,

12. Accessorize well. Get a drying rack, lint roller, damage-free hooks, baskets, and a bin to hand wash clothing in. Dryer balls, bags for small items and delicates, hangers, and towels for any accidental messes will round out your supplies nicely.

13. Seek Inspiration. Peruse Pinterest for ideas, doodle out your dream laundry area, pull elements from laundry rooms you’ve seen and loved, and spend time imagining what kind of area you’d like to clean clothes in.

14. Consider it another room. Design your laundry room with the same attention and care as you would a kitchen or bathroom. Take into account paint colors, backsplash, furniture, details, art, and finishes.

15. Simplify. However, you design your laundry room or regardless of how often you use it, make sure it’s a space that works for you. Keep important items within reach, tuck away goods that little hands shouldn’t touch, and find a system that’s simple and successful.



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